Complementary Therapies

Hilary Valentine B.A.B.T.A.C

Clinical aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and waxing are all available on Thursdays by our Complementary Therapist.

Complementary therapies work with the body and treat the client holistically, that is they work on all aspects of a person – physical, mental and emotional, helping to alleviate many physical and psychological conditions including Arthritis, Anxiety/Stress, Backache, Colds/Coughs/Flu, Fatigue. Migraine, Insomnia, PMS and period pain.

Aromatherapy Massage

A specialised body massage using individually selected essential oils to treat specific requirements. This is an extremely effective treatment for many ailments and disorders, both emotional and physical. Gentle, soothing and relaxing, an aromatherapy massage is the ultimate treatment for promoting health and wellbeing.

½ hour £15

1hr £27

Swedish Massage

A deep muscle massage using alternate firm pressure and brisk movements to create an intense, invigorated feeling. This is ideal for improving circulation, muscle tone and skin texture, whilst easing aches, pains and tension. Stimulating and uplifting, a Swedish massage is a wonderful refresher and rejuvenator.

½ hour £15

1hr £27

Indian Head Massage

An ancient massage treatment incorporating various techniques, pressures and uniquely chosen blends of essential oils. Performed in an upright position, this non-invasive treatment starts on the upper back and finishes with gentle face massage. Indian Head Massage can stimulate hair follicles whilst increasing blood supply to the face and scalp muscles improving both tone and texture. Relaxing and soothing, it is a treatment to be enjoyed by all.

Single Treatment £27


A relaxing, non-invasive treatment performed on the feet. The feet are believed to represent all the major body areas, organs and systems. Designed to promote natural function, this treatment maintains health by removing toxins and blockages from the body. Reflexology is excellent for alleviating many conditions and leaving a feeling of being revitalised.

Single Treatment £27


Have unwanted body or facial hair removed quickly and with minimal discomfort, for a period of 4-6 weeks. This treatment, using an advanced roll-on system, removes hair efficiently from the root, which discourages re-growth. A fine wax containing honey and azulene is used which reduces redness and has a soothing effect which is even suitable for those with sensitive skin.

½ leg £12.00

Full Leg £20

Lip £4.00

Chin £4.00

Lip & Chin £6.00

Eyebrow £5.00

Bikini Line £6.00

Underarm £6.00

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